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Entries for 2023's Publisher Podcast Awards have now closed. For news and updates on the Awards, including the shortlist, tickets and future opening dates, please subscribe to our mailing list using the form at the bottom of this page.

To be considered for any of the below categories, please note that the following criteria must be met first.

The podcast:

  1. Must be from a publisher* that releases content regularly and primarily in at least one other medium - print or online.
  2. Will have been available for download/streaming for at least eight weeks prior to entries closing in December, with plans to continue (unless a planned limited series).
  3. Must have published a new episode between October 2021 and December 2022

N.B. Although we welcome entries from all over the world, the podcast must be in English for the purposes of judging. Please be aware for overseas entries that the awards ceremony will be held in London in April 2023.

*B2B or B2C organisation of any size whose primary purpose is to publish editorial content to an audience across print or online. Unfortunately, we cannot accept entries from blogs or companies whose primary business is not publishing at this time.


Entries for the 2023 Publisher Podcast Awards will be opening in October. Please subscribe below to be notified when the forms are available, and for key closing dates.


Publisher Podcast of the Year 2023

The best of the best, this podcast will be the one that stands head and shoulders above all other podcasts. This category isn't open for entry, but will be chosen from among the winners of the other categories.

Publisher Podcast Hero of the Year 2023

Have you got someone in your publishing business driving your podcast strategy forwards, or someone in the wider industry who has inspired your podcasting efforts? Nominate them for Publisher Podcast Hero of the Year!

Best Commercial Strategy

As podcasting matures as a medium, its importance to publisher's revenue streams will be crucial for future sustainability. We want to know if you're having success with monetising your own podcasts, and want to reward you for it with this award.

Best Podcast Launch

We love launches. Tell us about why you've decided to launch a podcast for your publishing business, and what key need it addresses for your audience to be in with a chance of winning the Best Podcast Launch award!

*NEW* Best Video Podcast Strategy

Video podcasts are growing in importance as a way of broadening audiences and aiding discoverability. Whether you have a killer audiogram strategy on social or have seen success with video podcasts on YouTube, we want to hear about it.

Please note podcasts entering this category don't have to have full video - if you've got a smart strategy involving logos, cards or more output as a video, that also qualifies.


Best B2B Podcast

Calling all Business-to-Business publishers! Whether your podcast is about a global or a niche industry, if it's for a B2B audience, this is the category for you.

Best Entertainment & Culture Podcast

From cinema to TV, celebrities, culture, books, gaming and more, this category is for podcasts which bring the entertainment genre into their audience's ears.

Best Family & Lifestyle Podcast

This category is for podcasts looking to help their readers live their best lives, through improving their finances, careers, relationships, skills, family life or more.

Best Food & Drink Podcast

If you've got a podcast talking about food and/or drink, we want to hear it! Whether you're discussing making the perfect roast potatoes or bringing inspiration to bakers in lockdown, enter this to tickle our judge's tastebuds.

Best Health & Wellbeing Podcast

Health - both physical and mental - has never been more important. Whether you're fronting a fitness podcast or bringing mental wellbeing tips to your audience through audio, we want to recognise your efforts with this category.

Best Hobbies & Special Interest Podcast

This award celebrates podcasts that are targeted at specific interests and hobbies, from entertaining a niche audience with gardening tips to bringing a specialist topic like stargazing to a wider listenership.

Best Investigative Podcast

This category recognisies the depth of reporting and quality of storytelling publishers are presenting as part of deep-dive investigative podcasting. Whether it's for a short run of episodes or a full podcast series, enter your investigative podcasts here.

Best Limited Series

Whether you've produced a season dedicated to a specific topic or have written an outstanding fictional audio series, this category is to celebrate your efforts.

N.B. To qualify for this category, the series must have run for a minimum of three episodes and a maximum of 12.

Best Local & Community Podcast

Like publishers, podcasts have an important part to play in reaching and engaging local communities. If you've got a podcast that fits the bill, enter it here.

Best News Podcast

For podcasts keeping audiences up-to-date with the latest news, whether that's daily breaking news updates or deep dive analysis of world events.

Best Political Podcast

In a year which has seen the most extraordinary political shifts across the world, we've decided to give these podcasts a category of their own to recognise the unique work that goes into building podcasts that cover the political landscape.

*NEW* Best Partner Podcast

This category is for podcasts or episodes that are developed alongside a parter, either as part of a commercial relationship or for audience reach. A perfect opportunity to show off your partnership.

Best Science & Medical

This category is for podcasts that deal with science and medicine. Everything from breaking down complex scientific concepts for a consumer audience, to deep dives for professionals can enter here.

Best Sport Podcast

As the industry gets back on its feet, we've seen plenty of examples of publishers feeding their audience's thirst for sports through audio. Tell us all about it here.

Best Technology Podcast

From deep dives into technical topics to consumer-focused tech trends, this is the category for all technology-themed podcasts.


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