We're delighted to announce the shortlist for 2021's Publisher Podcast Awards!

The winners will be revealed in a virtual celebration on Wednesday 21st April 2021. Find out more about registration and tickets here.

The podcasts below are listed in no particular order. 


Publisher Podcast Hero of the Year 2021

Velo Mitrovich

Velo Mitrovich
Reby Media

"Velo was diagnosed with an aggressive oral cancer in May 2019. This would be devastating to anyone, but was especially difficult for the host and writer of a popular podcast called Meat Talk. The road to recovery was long, but Velo was determined to retain his speech and return to the beautiful storytelling he brings to Meat Talk. His passion and determination has inspired everyone at Reby Media to appreciate and persevere in making the best possible podcasts."

Laura Mueller

Laura Mueller

"We're nominating Laura for conceiving, establishing, and continuing to produce and host Airfinance Journal's weekly podcast during a challenging year, and all while continuing to perform her day-to-day overall management and P&L responsibilities, which includes a staff complement of some 35 employees. She continues her tireless efforts to program, host and produce the podcast each week, and find new ways of promoting it, all in support of Airfinance Journal's overall revenue objectives."

Rowan Hooper

Rowan Hooper
New Scientist

"New Scientist Weekly only launched in January 2020, and its success in the charts is due to Rowan's ongoing commitment to provide compelling and engaging features to the audience. He puts together a show that competes with the best, many of which have much larger teams, and yet the quality is incredible. Rowan is always thinking of new ways to adapt and improve the show, and because he's passionate, he's a delight to work with."

Theodora Louloudis

Theodora Louloudis
The Telegraph

"Theodora is an exceptional presenter, script-writer, producer and editor, with an ear for both the sound and the content of her shows. She leads The Telegraph's podcast team, shaping strategy and integrating the audio team more closely into the wider newsroom. While it's a highly sought-after job, resources are limited. Despite this she has spearheaded the launch of five new podcasts over a particularly challenging year. She recognises that the work doesn't stop as soon as audio is exported; making your podcast discoverable is as important as creating fantastic content."

Jack Meegan-Vickers

Jack Meegan-Vickers
Global Initiative Against Transnational Organized Crime

"Jack has been the driving force behind the launch of 5 new podcasts on the topic of organized crime. His work has increased the visibility of organized crime across the world, creating a space for practical discussion about what can be done to combat criminal networks. Jack has taken on and researched in-depth topics. His ability to break down compacted policies and interview expert guests has made the podcasts accessible to a wider audience outside of the academic sphere. This is so important for instigating change and making the world a safer place."

Fleur Rollet-Manus

Fleur Rollet-Manus

"During an incredibly difficult time for our business and the travel industry as a whole, Fleur single-handedly created, developed and launched our first ever podcast series with no previous experience. She proactively (and remotely) taught herself all the skills, techniques and aspects of recording and editing. Fleur has taken the podcast from being a bullet point on our product road map and established it as a key pillar within our business. She has also successfully attracted a new audience for SUITCASE and generated incremental revenue which will go back to the business to support production and continue growth."

Ollie Guillou

Ollie Guillou
Freelance contractor / New Scientist

"When New Scientist launched its podcast in January 2020, Ollie gave podcast training and advice to a large team of New Scientist journalists to help everyone get their head around entering the podcasting scene. Since then, Ollie has tirelessly searched for sponsorship, shared his knowledge in how to run and place ads, and has spent a lot of time coming up with unique methods to generate income from the show. He has played an integral part in our swift growth in audience numbers from the beginning."

Pierre Bienaime

Pierre Bienaimé
Digiday Media

"As Digiday Media's sole podcast producer, Pierre makes our entire output through this medium possible. He wears many hats to make planning, production, content and promotion possible for all of our existing and future podcast shows. Pierre has not only developed a unique, honest and seamless listening experience for our audience, but has also carved out a vision for even deeper coverage into less talked-about components of the industries we cover."

Ailsa Cowen

Ailsa Cowen
Rail Technology Magazine

"Ailsa has worked tenaciously to fully immerse herself in the industry over the past 12 months, and it's paid off. Coming into the industry as a newbie, she was aware she needed to create a podcast that was accessible, interesting, and thought-provoking, where the listener heard from leaders and thinkers. I'm very proud of the way the podcast has grown over the past 12 months through Ailsa's leadership and the part she has played in this evolution."

Best Commercial Strategy

1: Airfinance Journal Week in Review - Euromoney Plc

2: Energy Voice Out Loud - DC Thomson Media

3: Engineering Matters - Reby Media

4: Finger on the Pulse - National Health Executive

5: Public Sector Voices - Public Sector Executive

6: Scran - Laudable / JPI Media

7: The Dirt - Grow Your Own, DC Thomson Media

8: Track Talk - Rail Technology Magazine

Best Podcast Launch

Sponsored by: 

1: Author In Your Classroom - Plazoom, DC Thomson Media

2: Finger on the Pulse - National Health Executive

3: In Machines We Trust - MIT Technology Review

4: New Scientist Weekly - New Scientist

5: Planet Normal - The Telegraph

6: Stories of our times - Wireless Studios / The Times and Sunday Times

7: The Car Throttle Podcast - Dennis Publishing

8: The Dirt - Grow Your Own, DC Thomson Media

9: The Upgrade by SUITCASE Magazine - SUITCASE Magazine


Best B2B Podcast

1: The Media Navigators - The World Media Group

2: The Product Experience - Mind the Product

3: Airfinance Journal Week in Review - Euromoney Plc

4: Engineering Matters - Reby Media

5: Journalism.co.uk podcast - Journalism.co.uk

6: The Global Franchise Podcast - DC Thomson Media

7: The Glossy Podcast - Digiday Media

8: The IT Pro Podcast - Dennis Publishing

9: Energy Voice Out Loud - DC Thomson Media

Best Coronavirus Podcast

1: Alone Together - A Coronavirus Podcast - Laudable

2: Care Home Management magazine podcast - S&A Publishing

3: Coronavirus: The Latest - The Telegraph

4: Engineering Matters - Reby Media

5: The Big Miss You - The Big Issue

6: The Impact: Coronavirus and Organized Crime - Global Initiative Against Transnational Organized Crime

7: Coronapod - Springer Nature

Best Entertainment Podcast

1: Author In Your Classroom - DC Thomson Media

2: Beatles City - Liverpool Echo, Reach Plc

3: Biscuits & Jam - Meredith Corporation

4: Pathfinders Podcast - 99 Percent Lifestyle

5: The Penguin Podcast - Penguin Random House

Best Food & Drink Podcast

1: olive magazine podcast - Immediate Media

2: Scran - JPI Media, Laudable

3: The Food Programme - BBC Radio 4

Best Health & Wellbeing Podcast

1: Bump, Baby and Beyond - Emma's Diary

2: Going for Goal - Women's Health, Hearst UK

3: Mad World - The Telegraph

4: The ECHO’s Menopod - Liverpool Echo, Laudable

Best Hobbies & Special Interest Podcast

Supported by:   

1: Factor Two - UKClimbing

2: Radio Astronomy - BBC Sky at Night Magazine, Immediate Media

3: The Dirt -  Grow Your Own, DC Thomson Media

4: The Week in Art - The Art Newspaper

5: Big Brains - University of Chicago News

6: Reasonably Speaking - The American Law Institute

7: The Bunkered Golf Podcast - DC Thomson Media

8: The Plodcast - Immediate Media

Best Lifestyle Podcast

1: We Are Family - Meredith Corporation

2: Bump, Baby and Beyond - Emma's Diary

3: Real Fix - SWNS

4: The Dirt - Grow Your Own, DC Thomson Media

5: The Upgrade - SUITCASE Magazine

6: Who Cares Wins with Lily Cole - Penguin Random House

Best Limited Series

Sponsored by: 

1: Crossfire - The Telegraph

2: Floodlines - The Atlantic

3: In Machines We Trust - MIT Technology Review

4: My mother's murder - Tortoise Media

5: The Anthill - The Conversation

6: The Brink - Liverpool Echo, Laudable

7: Unfair - Digiday Media

8: Unfinished - Shoebury's Lost Boys - Archant

9: Weekend Bigots - JPI Media, Laudable

Best Local & Community Podcast

1: Liminal - Liverpool Echo, Laudable

2: Northern Goal - The Press & Journal and Evening Express, DC Thomson Media

3: Talking Australia - Australian Geographic

4: The Courier Talking Football - The Courier, DC Thomson Media

5: The Door County Pulse Podcast - The Peninsula Pulse

6: The Edinburgh Briefing - JPI Media, Laudable

7: The North in Numbers - Manchester Evening News, Laudable

8: Twa Teams, One Street - The Evening Telegraph, DC Thomson Media

Best News Podcast

1: Planet Normal - The Telegraph

2: The Stooshie - DC Thomson Media

3: The Week Unwrapped - Dennis Publishing

4: World Review - The New Statesman

Best Political Podcast

1: Public Sector Voices - Public Sector Executive

2: The New European Podcast - Archant

3: The New Statesman Podcast - The New Statesman

4: The North Poll - Manchester Evening News, Laudable

5: The Stooshie - DC Thomson Media

Best Science & Medical Podcast

1: All Things Photonics - Laurin Publishing

2: Curiosity Daily - Discovery, Inc.

3: eLife podcast - eLife Sciences Publications

4: Finger on the Pulse - National Health Executive, Cognitive Publishing

5: New Scientist Weekly - New Scientist

6: Sharp Scratch - The BMJ

7: Stereo Chemistry - American Chemical Society

8: The Nature Podcast - Springer Nature

Best Sponsored Podcast

Sponsored by: 

1: Energy Voice Out Loud - Energy Voice, DC Thomson Media

2: Engineering Matters - Reby Media

3: olive magazine podcast - Immediate Media

4: Small Steps, Big Impact - Mail Metro Media

5: The Dirt - Grow Your Own, DC Thomson Media

6: The Upgrade - SUITCASE Group

Best Sport Podcast

1: B/R Football Ranks - Bleacher Report

2: Deeper Blue Podcast - Deeper Blue

3: Kings of Anglia - Archant Suffolk

4: The Bunkered Golf Podcast - Bunkered, DC Thomson Media

5: The Pinkun.com Norwich City Podcast - Archant

6: Twa Teams, One Street - The Evening Telegraph, DC Thomson Media

Best Technology Podcast

1: The IT Pro Podcast - Dennis Publishing

2: Track Talk - Rail Technology Magazine, Cognitive Publishing

3: All Things Photonics - Laurin Publishing

4: Engineering Matters - Reby Media

5: In Machines We Trust - MIT Technology Review

6: The PC Pro Podcast - Dennis Publishing