We'd love to welcome you on board as a sponsor to our 2023 awards, bringing the brightest and best in the industry together for an evening celebrating innovation in podcasting. The event will be in-person in London on 26th April 2023. We have a number of sponsorship options available, from programme inclusions and individual awards to the whole event.

Please contact Peter Houston on peter [at] voices.media to get our brochure and find out more about working with the Publisher Podcast Awards team.

Silver sponsors

Megaphone by Spotify is the industry-leading podcasting platform for enterprise publishers and professional podcasters worldwide, including WSJ, Condé Nast, Immediate Media and Reach. With a comprehensive suite of powerful products, Megaphone enables publishers to create, monetise, measure, and grow their podcast businesses. Megaphone also powers the Spotify Audience Network, connecting advertisers with the most immersed listeners and publishers with maximised revenue. Learn more at megaphone.spotify.com and @MegaphonePods.

Steady helps creators fund their best work with direct support from their communities. Steady is free until you start earning: podcast hosting, newsletters, payment processing, and more. UK podcasts like The Shift and Black History Buff trust Steady for their membership programmes. We're a small team based in Berlin, big on data privacy, and love supporting our creators in the UK and beyond. Send us a shout! steadyhq.com/en/podcasts and instagram.com/joinsteadyen

Bronze sponsors

edisound is redefining podcast distribution by making publishers' websites their biggest listening platforms! The edisound platform is a branded and editorial podcast player and podcast management technology used by publishers to deliver immersive audio experiences to their audiences. Media outlets use edisound players to convert impressions into listens, generating net new revenue and increasing audience engagement, while giving publishers control over audience growth & monetization of their podcasts and reducing publishers' reliance on third party networks. Designed as a real CMS, the multilingual edisound platform allows content editing and management, user management, SEO content optimization, KPIs management, report creation and interoperability with hosting & listening platforms and SSPs. Learn more at edisound.com and follow edisound on Linkedin.