We're delighted to announce the shortlist for 2022's Publisher Podcast Awards!

The winners will be revealed in an in-person celebration on Wednesday 27th April 2022. Find out more about registration and tickets here.

The podcasts below are listed in no particular order.


Publisher Podcast Hero of the Year 2022

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Corinne Podger

Corinne Podger
The Digital Skills Agency

"Corinne's background as a broadcaster and teacher of journalism means she completely understands the principles and elements of effective storytelling – just as those of us who work in publishing do. What Corinne taught me...was that the skills I'd acquired in a decades-long career in publishing are one hundred percent relevant and transferable to podcasting. Learning from someone with Corinne's experience – not to mention her pure joy and enthusiasm for learning and sharing her learnings with others – was a highlight of my working year."

Andrew Musgrove

Andrew Musgrove
Chronicle Live, Reach PLC

"This year has presented new challenges for podcasts, and Andrew has adapted and risen to these challenges. Not only does he host podcasts from the brand, but he also produces video and written stories for our news website and newspaper. Everything he has done - including editing, presenting and script writing - has been self-taught, and the three documentaries produced over the last year showcases how far he has come and how far he is willing to go to keep this podcast at the top."

Indira Birnie

Indira Birnie
Penguin Random House

"Indira has been instrumental in changing perception of the podcast from a sales tool to a high-quality editorial channel with huge opportunities for long-tail promotion for books and authors. Her dedication and attention to detail has been a huge benefit to the company. Indira is extremely knowledgeable in the podcasting space, and this combined with her flair for strategy and innovative marketing have been invaluable skills to have behind the Penguin Podcast."

Jack Meegan-Vickers

Jack Meegan-Vickers
Global Initiative Against Transnational Organized Crime

"Over the past 12 months, Jack has worked on more than 70 in-depth podcast episodes about organized crime around the world. The topics and geographies that Jack covers are diverse, and the voices we hear on his podcasts reflect this. The podcasts have not only been interesting, they also carry weight in the fight for justice and ending impunity. I am always impressed by his research skills, his creative editing, his unbounded enthusiasm for telling stories, and his ability to distil complex topics into pithy and compelling narratives."

Duncan Jarvies

Duncan Jarvies
British Medical Journal

"Duncan has been instrumental in shaping the arc of podcast episodes as well as assisting other editors who are starting their new podcast. He is a very good listener, and is always willing to develop your embryonic ideas into something more sophisticated and layered. He also has the nose for news, suggesting various topical themes for podcasts that would be of interest to our target audience."

Ross MacPherson

Ross MacPherson
Reby Media

"As Reby Media's sound engineer, Ross MacPherson works across all of our podcasts making them sound amazing. No matter what the sources are for a podcast, we know that Ross can help us turn it into an amazing episode. No idea is too ridiculous for him to work with. His creativity is brilliant and his technical capabilities have grown exponentially over the past three years. We simply could not make the award-winning episodes that we make without him."

Mark Packard

Mark Packard
GracePoint Publishing

"Mark is the driving force behind GracePoint Publishing's in-house audio production company. He is able to walk the fine line between "selling" an opportunity for our authors while also truly "serving" them and ensuring their investment results in audio that matches the quality of their message to the highest degree. Mark's passion for what he does has encouraged many to fall in love with the art of audio."

Best Commercial Strategy

1: Walk To Wellbeing - DC Thomson Media

2: FT Weekend - Financial Times

3: The New Statesman podcast & World Review from the New Statesman - The New Statesman

4: Africa Calling - France Medias Monde, Radio France Internationale

5: Energy Voice Out Loud - DC Thomson Media

Best Podcast Launch

Sponsored by 

1: The Radio Times podcast - Radio Times, Immediate Media

2: In Conversation - Medical News Today

3: Brummie Mummies - Reach PLC, Laudable

4: The Conversation Weekly - The Conversation

5: FT Weekend - Financial Times

6: HERO or The Hidden Economics of Remarkable Women - Foreign Policy

7: Mysteries of Science - Future PLC

8: Walk To Wellbeing - Grow Your Own, DC Thomson Media

Best Student Podcast

1: Mapping Paris - Pauline Blanchet, Renée Rodriguez and Sumayyah Sheikh, University of London Institute in Paris

2: In the Gray Zone - Mithil Aggarwal, Chloe Ching and Teele Rebane, The University of Hong Kong

3: Sharp Scratch - Pat Lok, Anglia Ruskin University, British Medical Journal

4: Under Review - Matteo Wong and Olivia Oldham, Harvard University


Best B2B Podcast

1: ASHRAE Journal Podcast - ASHRAE

2: The Global Franchise Podcast - DC Thomson Media

3: Policing Matters - Lexipol

4: The WTiN Podcast - World Textile Information Network

5: Engineering Matters - Reby Media

6: COP26 Covered - edie - Faversham House

7: Journalism.co.uk podcast - Journalism.co.uk

8: Energy Voice Out Loud - DC Thomson Media

Best Books & Literature Podcast

1: Author In Your Classroom - DC Thomson Media

2: Amplify! With Karen Curry Parker - GracePoint Publishing

3: The Penguin Podcast - Penguin Random House

4: Reading Between The Lines  - DC Thomson Media

Best Entertainment & Culture Podcast

1: Urban Legends with the Ghost Brothers - Discovery, Inc

2: The Radio Times podcast - Immediate Media

3: Film Stories with Simon Brew - Film Stories

4: FT Weekend - Financial Times

5: A brush with... - The Art Newspaper Ltd

Best Food & Drink Podcast

1: The English Wine Diaries - The Southern Quarter

2: Scran - JPI Media, Laudable

3: olive magazine podcast - Immediate Media

4: Radio Cherry Bombe - Cherry Bombe

5: The Cocktail Lovers Podcast - The Cocktail Lovers magazine

Best Health & Wellbeing Podcast

1: In Conversation - Medical News Today

2: Bryony Gordon's Mad World - The Telegraph

3: Life Before Birth - Reby Media

4: Walk To Wellbeing - DC Thomson Media

Best Hobbies & Special Interest Podcast

1: Travel Tales by AFAR - AFAR Media

2: History Extra - Immediate Media

3: A brush with... - The Art Newspaper Ltd

4: BBC Gardeners’ World Magazine Podcast - Immediate Media

Best Investigative Podcast

1: Deep Dive: Exploring Organized Crime - Global Initiative Against Transnational Organized Crime

2: Art Bust: Scandalous Stories of the Art World - USG Audio

3: Smoke Screen - The Bureau of Investigative Journalism, Auddy

4: Salem: Investigating the Witch Trials - BBC History Magazine, Immediate Media

5: Seventeen Years: The Andrew Malkinson story - The Times & Sunday Times

6: Bed of Lies - The Telegraph

7: Thinking Straight - The Times & Sunday Times

8: Under Review - The Harvard Crimson

Best Lifestyle Podcast

1: Growing Up With gal-dem - gal-dem

2: The Plodcast - Immediate Media

3: Biscuits & Jam - Meredith

4: The Reset Room - JPI Media, Laudable

5: Working It - Financial Times

6: Imposters - The Telegraph

7: Brummie Mummies - Reach PLC, Laudable

Best Limited Series

1: Nature Podcast: Starting up in science - Springer Nature

2: Stories of our Times: The legacy of Penrhyn Castle - The Times & Sunday Times

3: The Anthill: Climate Fight - The Conversation

4: COP26 Covered - edie - Faversham House

5: Hong Kong Silenced - The Telegraph

6: Behind the Money: Inside ESG - Financial Times

7: Westminster Reimagined, with Armando Iannucci - The New Statesman

8: Energy Voice Out Loud: 10 Point Pod - DC Thomson Media

9: Bed of Lies - The Telegraph

Best Local & Community Podcast

1: Weird Norfolk - Archant

2: The Moldovan Coffee Break - The European Network

3: News Engine - Times-Shamrock Communications

4: Epicenter NYC - Epicenter NYC

5: Election West - BBC Radio Bristol

6: The Door County Pulse Podcast - Peninsula Publishing & Distribution

7: Brummie Mummies - Reach PLC, Laudable

Best News Podcast

1: The Week Junior Show - Future PLC

2: New Statesman World Review - The New Statesman

3: Stories of our times - The Times & Sunday Times

4: The Conversation Weekly - The Conversation

5: News Briefing - Financial Times

6: Planet Normal - The Telegraph

Best Political Podcast

1: Election West - BBC Radio Bristol

2: New Lines Podcast - New Lines Magazine

3: The New Statesman Podcast - The New Statesman

4: Chopper's Politics - The Telegraph

5: The Stooshie - DC Thomson Media

Best Science & Medical Podcast

1: Curiosity Daily - Discovery, Inc

2: Nature Podcast - Springer Nature

3: Stereo Chemistry - American Chemical Society

4: New Scientist Weekly - New Scientist

5: eLife podcast - eLife Sciences Publications

6: Mysteries of Science - Future PLC

7: The Jab - The Economist

8: Sharp Scratch - British Medical Journal

9: All Things Photonics - Laurin Publishing Company

Best Sponsored & Branded Podcast

1: Engineering Matters - Reby Media

2: All to Play For - JOE Media

3: olive magazine podcast - Immediate Media

4: A brush with... - The Art Newspaper Ltd

5: Mysteries of Science - Future PLC

6: Energy Voice Out Loud - DC Thomson Media

7: American Metamorphosis - The Atlantic

Best Sport Podcast

1: Halcyon Podcast - Halcyon Publishing

2: The Everything is Black and White Podcast - A Newcastle United Podcast - Chronicle Live, Reach PLC

3: Equestrian Voices - NOËLLE FLOYD

4: The Greatness with Kareem Maddox - USG Audio

5: Kings of Anglia - Archant Suffolk

6: The bunkered Podcast - DC Thomson Media

Best Technology Podcast

1: In Machines We Trust - MIT Technology Review

2: PC Pro - Future PLC

3: Engineering Matters - Reby Media

4: Science in Parallel - Krell Institute

5: Tech Tonic - Financial Times

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